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PianoAngel drops from the heavens

Posted by Mikers On April - 1 - 2011

Thanks for your great support and recognition for PianoAngel during time-limited free period on April 1st !! PianoAngel is downloaded tens of thousands of copy during the free period, which made the app gets on the top ranking in countless countries… Amazing!

PianoAngel is an iOS Piano app which is designed mainly to enable everyone in this world to play piano along with simplified chord/melody lead sheet. It is not only for people who are already skilled in piano but also more for people who don’t know how to play the piano or other instruments. Just follow the lead sheet and start playing!

It’s also a good tool for songwriting and jamming.

Our goal is to make this app for people to play the Piano professionally and beautifully but in simple way.
It can be used alone to perform music or accompany with other instruments or singing.

Major Features:
* Swipe on chords and tap melody to play beautiful piano chord & melody with ease.
* Editable Chord preset settings.
* Key and transpose can be adjusted for comping needs – as convenient as keyboards & guitars.
* Intensity controls furthermore vary your playing style.
* Use the notation style you are familiar with: Lettered / Solfege / Roman / Numbered.
* Auto chord playing mode with tempo modification & tap tempo.
* Song settings can be saved as presets.
* Pixel-perfect UI design & graphics.
* Intuitive help screen & settings window.
* iPad is supported – Enjoy playing on larger screen! (main screen fonts is scaled – will be improved in next version)

Grab PianoAngel now –

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