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PlayBacker for iPad

Posted by Mikers On September - 7 - 2015

screen480x480= 2 Deck Audio File Player + Auto -Pause, -Cue, -Cross for iPad =

■ All of the sequential audio playback are supported.
“PlayBacker for iPad” is a audio file player which have 2 decks and crossfader, and supports complex sequential audio playback flexibly.

■ Main functions of PlayBacker deck.
The deck of “PlayBacker for iOS” series have indispensable functions below for playback audio sequences on iOS devices.

“Auto Pause” :When a track reached end, load next track and pause at a head.
“Auto Cue” :Skip silence automatically of audio file’s head.
“Volume Fader” :Control the output volume of deck.

■ Loading audio files from iTunes library.
The deck of “PlayBacker for iOS” series read audio files from iTunes Library, and hold tracks as a cue list. In “Cue List Mode” of the deck, user can rearrange or delete tracks. And playback order depend on this cue list order. In addition “PlayBacker for iOS” series can read audio files which were synced through mac iTunes too.

■ Mode change by device orientation
Landscape mode :2 decks + crossfader
This is a standard mode of “PlayBacker for iPad” which shows all decks and crossfader. In this mode users can control all functions.

Portrait mode :Single deck view
This mode shows only one deck, “DECK A” or “DECK B”. Because a deck occupy full screen, users can easy access to cueing, fader control, cue list edit.

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