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Remix it with Shapemix

Posted by Mikers On April - 1 - 2011

Shapemix: Remix, Create and Share

A revolutionary and intuitive way to interact with music you love.

* Mix in space – See your audio as you hear it.
* Multi-touch – Move and manipulate several audio channels at once.
* Visual feedback – Understand how effects change sounds in real time.

Begin Mixing Immediately

* Start remixing immediately with access to nearly 100 free tracks within the App.

* To further enhance mixes, additional songs and tracks from a variety of artists will soon be available to purchase

Remix Music Anytime, Anywhere

* Simply drag and drop complete songs or tracks stored in your Shapemix Collection to create an original music mix.
* Import a vocal track, lower the drum beat, and extend the guitar solo all with the touch of your finger.
* Adjust the BPM on the fly.
* Add effects to each of the tracks – reverb, delay, flanger and low pass – to create an original sound.

Share Mixes

For more details, click here – http://www.shapemix.com

Grab Shapemix now –

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