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S4 Rhythm Composer Pro

Posted by Mikers On September - 17 - 2013

screen480x480 (1)S4 Rhythm Composer Pro is a beatbox that can be customized in various ways.
14 drum kits are preset, and also you can create and save the entire kit as “User kits” at your choice.

This app has various real-time effects.
This allows you not only to play a created pattern (song), but also to play music, controlling various effects in real time.

- PCM Sound (Number of parts: 10)
- 14 preset drum kits
- Tempo: 30-300BPM, Tap tempo, Swing function
- Step Sequencer (16 steps/32 steps)
- Song function (Maximum 300-bar)
- Tone editing (Name, Volume, Panning, Mute Group, Tune, Dynamic Processor, Wave Trimming, Attack/Decay Time)
- Audio Import (AudioCopy, iPod Library, File)
- Audio Export
- Real-time recording
- Various Master Effects (Distortion, Dynamic Processor, Delay, Reverb)
- Control in real time, assigning the effect parameters to the FX XY Pad
- Real-time Effects (Slicer, LPF, Glitch, and Roller)
- WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) is supported
- Audiobus (Input) is supported
- CoreMIDI (Input) is supported
- AudioCopy/Paste is supported
- Playing in the background is supported

S4 Rhythm Composer Pro (AppStore Link) S4 Rhythm Composer Pro
Developer: Sobal Corporation
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here

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  1. Loran says:

    I love this drum app. There are three fields on the right side of the main page. The top one controls the four main effects. You can set each effects x/y values for the pad. Those effects are saved for each pattern. The middle pad is a variable gate effect called slicer. The bottom pad is a x/y variable filter pad. Fun fun fun on the Autobahn!!!

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