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StagePlot Guru lands on iPhone

Posted by Mikers On July - 24 - 2018

I know this one started life on iPad a few years back, but the good news is an update was released just recently and it’s now compatible with iPhones too… So it’s worth mentioning, in case you also didn’t know, there are a bunch of new features that have been introduced with this updated release –

In addition to the existing features –

Heres What’s New in v5.7

-Stageplot Guru is now available for iPhone 5+ and up!

-Removed “Powered by Stageplot Guru” from all paid user’s PDF files. Our valued users requested this, and we delivered!

-Add Stage Dimensions using the text box: our users requested more freedom to create any size stage.

-Now simultaneously use different fonts, font colors, and font sizes on the same stageplot.

-We will now prompt you to backup your stages once per day. This is an automatic backup feature to help remind users to not just save, but back up their work.

– New World Music Instruments Subcategory Including:

Algaita, Autoharp, Bagpipes, Balafone, Balalaka, Banjosamba, Concertina, Didgeridoo, Djembe, Irish Bazouki, Kalimba, Kora, Mbira, Panderio, Recoreco, Repique, Shekere, Singing Bowl, Sitar, Surdao, Table, Talking Drum, Udu, Zither

-Added Large Audio Console to subcategory PA (Audio)

-Added Truss Base Stand, Truss Headlock and Truss Brace and restored Spots Stand under in the Lights category.

For further details, drop by the official site – https://www.stageplotguru.com/

StagePlot Guru (AppStore Link) StagePlot Guru
Developer: Active Media Production Group, LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

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