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Studiolab Pro

Posted by dazz26 On September - 24 - 2010

Studiolab pro is a new all in one sample manipulation and sequencing app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Here’s how developers Krasidy describe it.

Welcome to StudioLab Pro, Krasidy’s answer to mobile musicianship. Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers, and DAW surfaces, this application gives any user the ability to create a wide range of musical works from start to finish. This application combines the functionalities of several Krasidy apps to give you the power to make beats, record vocals, remix and much more.

Krasidy’s recording surface, sampler, and seamless drum machine sequencer capitalize on the modern sample era of music composition. These simple interfaces make StudioLab Pro the perfect tool for mobile music production.

StudioLab Pro Features:

-volume mixer
-latency detection/compensation (within 1ms)
-audio import/export
-lyrics notepad
-image album cover
-audio bouncing for infinite recording layers

Sequencer (Beat)
-16 to 64 steps (4 Bars)
-latency detection/compensation (within 1ms)
-adjustable tempo (50-200 BPM)
-adjustable Pads for independent volume levels and acute time signatures.
-mono/poly/gate settings
-volume mixer
-audio bouncing for infinite track layers
-wifi import/export

-audio sampling/truncation
-automatic cue detection/cue movement
-touch-play interface
-wave visualization
-7 zoom modes
-granulation scratching
-realtime recording

Audio Store
-150+ drums and samples

-sharing to Krasidy.com as well as other social media sites

Grab Studiolab Pro now –

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  1. Zulu says:

    Interesting. Looks *way* less professional than Nanostudio, though.

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