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ReBirth gets reborn on iPad

Posted by Mikers On November - 9 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

I guess it was only ever a matter of time before Propellerhead shifted ReBirth to its rightful home on iPad. I mean, anyone who bought the iPhone version will agree that it was kinda frustrating to operate on such a small screen. So has all been forgiven now its been updated to take full advantage of the added display real estate? Well, the fact we all have to buy it again, AND pay even more kinda sucks, but I guess there is no other way really… Read on for the full features –

ReBirth is back! Propellerhead Software’s legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected and customized for the iPad. ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music’s three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a gorgeous-looking interface and you’re ready to make killer tracks on your iPad. Share your music with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more using the built in sharing features.

2 x TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer with pattern sequencer
The original Acid House and Techno bass synth. Unrivaled power, unmistakable sound.

TR-808 Drum machine
Roland’s sub-heavy 1980 beat computer. Instant hip-hop.

TR-909 Drum machine
The go-to beatbox for everything House and Techno. Press play and you’re dancing.

Tempo-synced digital delay
Bouncy and hypnotic, always in time with your music.

Compressor with threshold and ratio
A bare-bones compression unit for added beefiness.

Distortion unit with amount and shape
Raw and rugged distortion for that extra edge. Works wonders with any 303 bassline.

PCF effect
Pattern controlled Low-pass / Band-pass filter – a tweaker’s delight.

Device specific mixer sections with pan, delay sends and FX switches

Mod support
Includes 7 original user mods with alternative sound sets and graphics

Sharing features
Share function with easy publication of songs to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Here’s a link to the official website – http://rebirthapp.com

Grab ReBirth for iPad now –


Posted by Mikers On February - 18 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

technoBox is your virtual techno studio on the go featuring stunningly accurate emulations of three classic boxes: The legendary 303 bass machine together with the smooth 808 and punchy 909 drum machines. technoBox has easy to use sequencing capabilities which lets you tie together patterns, or use it live by improvising pattern switches on the fly!

Based on the award winning 303 emulation engine from AudioRealism developed by Mike Janney.

Please visit our site for demonstration videos and manual!

– Authentic 303 emulation based on the ABL2 engine
– Drum module with selectable 808 or 909 sounds
– Shuffle with variable amount for drum module
– Transpose and randomizer for synth module
– 24 patterns per session (12 for 303, 12 for 808/909)
– Pattern sequencer with up to 1000 bars
– Session manager with realtime switching
– High contrast GUI for use in clubs etc.
– Supports autorotation to your preferred landscape orientation
– On board quickstart manual
– Supports multi-touch for knobs

Grab technoBox now –

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