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Try Band Simulator for free

Posted by Mikers On September - 19 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

This app intrigued us when it launched recently, but the cost has so far put us off downloading it. That’s no longer an issue thanks to the free version that has just launched.

It is a free version of BandSimulator. Please confirm details with web.
BandSimulatorFree edits the guitar pattern, the bass pattern, and the drum pattern, and cannot export audio.
The edit of chord is limited.

Grab Band Simulator now –

Band in an iPad

Posted by Mikers On July - 20 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Released just yesterday for iPad, is this 3 piece band simulator, offering programmable bass, drums and guitar parts. Not sure how flexible the programming features are, but looks to offer step time and possible real time recording. If your Japanese is any good you might find out more from the developer’s site.

This application is a guitar, bass and drums three-piece is a sequencer.

The tone Drive, Clean 2-tone
0 to 22 full sampling frets
Mute noise, brushing off the sound when recording noise.
Drive sample 366 72MB
Clean sample 288 74MB
Velocity, BPM, while calculating the time to play pick-string falls in real time by the stroke length of the note.
The normal playing, muting, hammer, Pulling off, brushing can be specified.
Attribute specified input method, full code given fret, high code, power chords, octaves and single-tone input.
Attribute, offset, type, velocity, picking (down, up) playing style, fret position, stroke length, sounds (Clean, Drive), on each string, can be edited off.

String string 1to4 0to22 full sampling to fret
Brushing noise, noise when recording off the sound.
3 string, 4 string 12 fret to sound in four sampling switch results in live sound just like root note.
The sound will play bass bass amp drive pick, as it gives high sound pressure and limiting so.
Specified input method or attribute specified by two frets. TAB enter the screen-like marks.
Even glissando playing, hammering, pulling off reproduce.
Attribute (root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, octave) and offset (down 1 tone, semitone lower, the semitone, one tone above) will soon be converted simply by specifying the code type.

The tone, BD, SD1, SD2, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, HH (Close, 1/4Open, 1/2Open, 3/4Open, Open), Cymbal (4Type), Ride (Edge, Cup), China, Splash the recording.
BD 26-inch 06-inch types 18, SD can be selected from four types.
SD1, SD2, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3 sounds like life is obtained by switching the four tones.
4 BD, but the sound velocity, HH the sound of two switches.

Developer’s site – http://www.zc.em-net.ne.jp/~power-beat/Home/Main.html

Grab Band Simulator now –

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