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Guitar Machine – SteamPunk Guitar Tools

Posted by Mikers On March - 9 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Essential guitar utilities, with a steam-punk themed twist! Guitar machine is the ultimate assistant for tuning, timing, and chords, for the steam-punkishly minded guitarist.

Do you want to tune your guitar and lookup chords? Do you pine for a bygone era in an alternate reality in which technology and victorian style are merged to form the ultimate in form and functionality?

Well look no further! Guitar Machine is *the* app for you!

Product Highlights:

– Simply *THE* most accurate chromatic tuner in the entire app store! No other tuning app is as accurate as this tuner, guaranteed! Beats the competition with accuracy in the sub-cent range (the human ear can almost never hear differences beyond this range, so it’s perfect!).

– Auto-tuner is highly intuitive — The UI is geared towards both chromatic tuning and string-based tuning simultaneously with a beautiful intuitive interface. The top dial allows you to tune with sub-cent precision, while the bottom ‘string track-light’ lets you know where you are relative to a real string (just in case your plucked string is way off). If you decide to use the string-based approach, over 40 alternate tunings are supported! Or, you can tune to ANY pitch with the chromatic tuner, with extreme accuracy.

– REVERSE chord name lookup! Now you can find out what that funky chord you just discovered is called!

– Beautiful steam-punk themed graphics

– Gorgeous sound — professionally recorded strings and metronome instruments

– Full-featured chord dictionary

– Metronome with temp range from 30-300 BPM, and over 12 time signatures and many instruments to choose from.

COMING SOON (in Version 1.7):

– More instruments
– Even more chord variations
– More secret awesome features

Stunning graphics and top-shelf features make for a winning combination!

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://c3-soft.com/

Grab SteamPunk Guitar Tools now –


Posted by Mikers On February - 18 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Two tuners in one! Along with its completely foolproof automatic tuner, Tune-O-Rama also incorporates an equally painless chromatic tuner that you can access at the touch of a button. With its professional-grade accuracy, ease-of-use and ridiculously low price-tag, Tune-O-Rama is *the* tuner to own for any serious musician. There are no regrets here.

Featuring a detection range of 1200+ Hz, Tune-O-Rama is suitable for use with a vast array of instruments in its chromatic mode. Both its guitar and chromatic modules incorporate the special 4-phase pitch detection algorithm developed in our laboratories, and ensures that Tune-O-Rama is still the most sensitive and easy-to-use musical tuner for the iPhone platform.


PLEASE NOTE: iPod Touch 2G and 3G don’t have built-in mics: hence, users need an iPod Touch-compatible external mic or mic’d earphones plugged into to the audio jack.

✔ Dedicated Guitar/Bass (“Auto”) and general Chromatic modes
✔ Our patented 4-stage tuning algorithm for stringed instruments
✔ Ultra-precision tuning with +/- 5 cent accuracy.
✔ Intelligent string detection in Guitar/Bass mode
✔ Adjustable reference pitch (std. is A=440 Hz…adjust within 20Hz radius)
✔ 1200+ Hz pitch detection range in chromatic mode
✔ Sleek and intuitive user interface, designed for fast tuning
✔ Fast or slow pitch detection, to suit visual/sensory preference
✔ Adjustable pitch-tracking sensitivity
✔ Single-string option in Auto mode (via string select buttons)
✔ +/- transposition for flat or sharp tunings
✔ Two simultaneous delta readouts: needle and led
✔ Volume bar-meter
✔ 20 different guitar/bass tunings

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://www.yonac.com/software/tuneorama/index.html

Grab Tuneorama now –

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