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Posted by dazz26 On August - 23 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Soundprism from Audanika is a is a brand new music composition tool for the ipad.

It’s a gorgeous looking app with a unique interface, that breaks away from the traditional keyboard layout making it easy for anyone to write beautiful music.

Grab Soundprism now –

New iPad synth in the works

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Just saw this over at Matrixsynth. Looks awesome!

Sound Yeah

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Just saw this over at creativeapplications.net. A new app called for the ipad currently in development by Henry Chu.

Check out the vids, it looks awesome.

Aurora sound studio

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If you haven’t checked out the video for Aurora Sound Studio for iphone/ipod touch yet, you must.

It’s an impressive little beast.

And coming soon, Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad!

Grab Aurora Sound Studio now –


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Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of interface, along comes O-Gawa.

Yudo are no slouches in the music app world, having brought you Matrix Music Pad, 8Bitone, Rectools and Vocoder SV-5 amongst others.

And now they drop O-Gawa for iPad.

What amazes me about all the apps coming out are the innovative interfaces people come up with, and this one is awesome!

Grab O-Gawa now –

AC-7 Pro coming for iPad

Posted by Mikers On March - 28 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Saitara Software has just released an update for it DAW wireless control software with, AC-7 DAW CONTROLLER V2.0.

However, we’re even more excited to see the developer is working on a ‘Pro’ version specially for the iPad. Aside from the obvious benefits of the larger display offering more room for additional controls, we’re not sure at this stage what other features this new Pro version of the app will include.  If the look of the user interface is anything to go by, its shaping up very nicely indeed.

Head to the developers website for the latest on this app – http://www.saitarasoftware.com/Site/AC-7_Pro.html

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