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pseudo analogy filtery goodness

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You may have seen that Moog have announced their dipping the toes into the digital realm for the first time ever.

Known for their incredible hardware synths, Moog have released Filtatron and it looks so nice I could lick it.

The Filtatron is much more than your average sound app. It’s a phenomenal real-time audio effects suite and powerful studio tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  The heart of the the filtatron is the Moog Ladder Filter; digitally modeled to approximate the warmth and character of our famous analog hardware. Warp samples, live audio or the built in oscillator, then sweeten with overdrive and delay. Record your creations anywhere, save your presets, and share them with your entourage.

Life’s a rough mix…Filter it.

There’s a stack more info after the jump.

Grab Filtatron now –


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SunVox is a small, fast and powerful music sequencer with modular synthesizers. it’s not only available for the iphone either; but also for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, pocket computers (Windows Mobile, PalmOS) and netbooks.

Here’s a list of the key features.

  • Modular interface.
  • Highly optimized synth algorithms.
  • Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on variuos devices. For example: PDA with slow CPU – 16bit sound (fixed point arithmetic); or big PC with powerfull CPU: 32bit sound (floating point arithmetic).
  • Built-in synthesizers:
    • FM synthesizer;
    • Generator (saw,triangle,square,noise waveforms);
    • Kicker;
    • Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI);
    • SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for analog-like pads);
    • Delay;
    • Distortion;
    • Echo;
    • Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
    • Flanger;
    • LFO;
    • Loop;
    • Reverb (with DC Blocking Filter);
    • Vocal Filter;
    • Vibrato.
  • Supported systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PalmOS, WindowsCE (Windows Mobile), iPhone.
  • Export to WAV.

Check out the vid.

iSample 2.0

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The latest simple demo video of iSample 2.0. iSample 2.0 is the latest update to iSample from Way Out Ware, Inc. It includes a ton of new features that turn iSample into a powerful and fun beat and song creation tool.

iSample 2.0 demo

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