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New iPad synth in the works

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Just saw this over at Matrixsynth. Looks awesome!


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Just came across this amazing new app over at Palmsounds.


This is surely one of the most advanced music apps for the iphone/ipod touch platform.

Not sure when it’s being released, but we’ll definately keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you can salivate over this video. cover your screen in clingwrap!

There’s a stack more info over at blip interactive.

Aurora sound studio

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If you haven’t checked out the video for Aurora Sound Studio for iphone/ipod touch yet, you must.

It’s an impressive little beast.

And coming soon, Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad!

Grab Aurora Sound Studio now –


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Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of interface, along comes O-Gawa.

Yudo are no slouches in the music app world, having brought you Matrix Music Pad, 8Bitone, Rectools and Vocoder SV-5 amongst others.

And now they drop O-Gawa for iPad.

What amazes me about all the apps coming out are the innovative interfaces people come up with, and this one is awesome!

Grab O-Gawa now –


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iSequence is a complete mobile music production environment designed to play and compose real music. 
Thanks to intuitive, single screen sequencer and 55 instruments built-in you can easily create, edit and mix your compositions just like in a “big” audio creation software.


★ 110 professional instruments: drum kits, synths, leads, pads, basses, effects, classical instruments (and more coming soon)
★ Pattern sequencer: 5 tracks, 3 octaves, up to 99 patterns (similar to Mod Tracker)
★ Full featured mixer and effect bus
★ Easy pattern editing: select / copy / paste / transpose / mixer – all can be changed in real time, so that you can jam live over your songs.
★ Low latency audio engine (44.1 kHz, bi-cubic sample interpolation)
★ Save and load your compositions
★ Single screen based, optimized for usability, wonderful user interface
★ Midi / Wav / ioLibrary / project export (WIFI)
★ Project import (WIFI)


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The long-awaited, fully-featured analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived! Developed by the same team behind the highly successful miniSynth, MegaSynth is packed with features that will keep the synth enthusiasts drooling for a good while.

With its 3 true-analog-modeling VCOs, 5-note polyphony, dedicated LFOs, built-in sequencer, arpeggiator/chordmaker and recording feature, MegaSynth delivers a complete mobile synthesizer package that compromises none of that classic, luscious analog synth tone.

Here are the features:

  • 5-voice polyphony (max # of fingertips allowed on the iPhone = 5)
  • 3 Oscillators, 7 waveforms
  • Triad arp and chordmaker (”Chordmatic”) with 23 scales
  • 24-bucket step sequencer
  • Dual keyboards
  • Accelerometer-controlled pitch, cutoff, resonance
  • Very many LFOs (4 to be exact: filter, pitch, volume…4th is optional audible LFO)
  • Recording, wi-fi file export/import
  • Saves infinite user presets; comes with 209 factory presets
  • FX module with reverb and modulation
  • Monophonic keyboard option also included

Video demo of MegaSynth

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