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Ultimate Guitar Tools

Posted by Mikers On April - 1 - 2011

These were one of the earliest apps I can remember seeing appear for iPhone, and nowadays there is more than enough guitar tuners, chord finders, and metronone apps to last us a lifetime! So what’s one more to add to the pile?!

From creators of Ultimate Guitar Tabs, one of most popular Music applications in iTunes App Store!

The Ultimate Guitar Tools, now available as a separate application, combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools right on your iPhone.

Ultimate Guitar Tools include the following features:

– Guitar Tuner. Keep your instrument in tune using the device’s built in microphone, or with our accurate Brain Tuner.

– Metronome. Keep in time with a metronome full of features like fine tempo tuning, ability to set tempo by tapping, adjustable tempo signature, beat subdivision, 5 sound packs, and much more.

– Chords Library. Display and playback chords from our beautiful and powerful chord library.

Grab Ultimate Guitar Tools now –

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