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Visible Sound HD

Posted by Mikers On April - 1 - 2011

Visible Sound provides a 3-dimensional, colorful, visual representation of the sounds heard by the iPad’s microphone or an attached audio headset. Unlike other audio visualizers, which all too often consist of pre-programmed, mostly meaningless graphics that only loosely correspond to the music being played, Visible Sound creates all graphics completely on-the-fly from the sound itself.

This means you can see every drum beat, every vocal solo, every musical feature represented on the screen. The Visible Sound visualization is so detailed, you could theoretically use it to reproduce the original sound being displayed.

Visible Sound is also great for playing and experimenting with – see the frequency content of your voice, your dog’s bark, your doorbell, or a coin rattling as it falls to the ground. You can continue to play music from the iPod app, Pandora, etc. while Visible Sound is running, or use it with any other source of audio.

Several color schemes may be selected for a different appearance, and to highlight different parts of the spectrum. The color schemes have been specifically chosen for visual appeal, clarity and visibility on the iPad screen.

Visible Sound uses the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to isolate the individual frequency components (essentially, the individual musical notes) in sound, and displays the intensity of each frequency using both color and 3-dimensional position.

Visible Sound works on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. Despite the graphical complexity of the visualization, performance on the iPad 1 is just fine, and performance on the iPad 2 is even better.

Coming soon: versions for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and Mac OS X.


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