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Win AnyTune 3

Posted by Mikers On August - 4 - 2012

As you may know already, a new version of AnyTune, version 3 in fact,  landed just recently, and having now spent some time with the latest release, I’m suitably impressed with not only the handy features it offers, but also the way it cleverly maintains the sound quality of the track you’re working on.

Essentially, it’s a song speed & pitch changing app on steroids. There’s no shortage of these around already, and most do a good, if basic, job of allowing you the slow down and speed up songs without changing the pitch of the song, and then also changing the key of the song up or down, without changing the tempo. It’s nothing new, I know.

But AnyTune has a fantastic user interface that just makes the whole experience easier and more flexible than other apps, plus the added smaller features really make it such a complete package.

I’ve been playing with Anytune Pro HQ, which is the flagship version of the three that are available. And basically what you pay the extra for is HQ audio quality, plus two key new features. One is called LiveMix™, which allows you to utilise one of the optioinal iOS audio interface cables so you can plug your instrument into your iPad/iPhone and get a combined mix of the song and your instrument from the device’s headphone out.

The second main new feature has to do with EQ….

I have promo codes up for grabs for Anytune Pro HQ, so the FIRST TWO PEOPLE to leave the correct name of this new EQ feature in the comments area BELOW along with your contact details, will have a chance to win one of these codes.

For a hint, head here – http://www.anytune.us

[app 478293637]

10 Responses to “Win AnyTune 3”

  1. dion says:

    FineTouch EQ

  2. Hideaki Okami says:

    FineTouch EQ

  3. Jason says:

    It’s FineTouch EQ.

  4. jazzy says:

    Finetouch EQ!!

  5. John says:

    Finetouch eq

  6. Jazzy Jim says:

    The answer is Fine Touch EQ!

  7. Denis Giguere says:

    FineTouch EQ

  8. Roger Wang says:

    FineTouch EQ

  9. Mikers says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the quick response to this competition. As you can see by the times on the top two entries, they are the lucky winners this time.

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