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Zildjian crashing into iOS

Posted by Mikers On July - 3 - 2011

Soon to be released is the universal iOS app, Gen16 Grooveplayer, from esteemd cymbal company Zildjian.  I nicked the following from their website –

Audition. Play. Record.

Create your rhthmic masterpieces on the go. When and wherever inspiration strikes, lay down the groove and take it with you. Share it with your friends and band mates with the built-in Dropbox functionality. Browse and purchase grooves from some of the best drummers directly from gen16grooves.com


Mix it!

Mix your newly-created grooves with GroovePlayer’s mixer. GroovePlayer features cymbal sound from the Gen16 Zildjian Digital Vault
– 9 channel mixer
– Channel volume
– Channel pan
– Master volume


Groove Preferences

– Adjust the tempo with the Slider or Tap Tempo button
– Click level adjustement for recording
– Quantize value
– Quantize strength
– Time signature

Keep up to date on the release of this app here – http://gen-16.com/

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